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Walk-In Websites

Custom Sites Launched in a Day

What is a Walk In Website?

A collaborative mini retreat to get your website launched in a day.

We meet at a convenient coffee shop or cafe in Memphis and walk through all the steps to launch your startup’s website or redesign. Eliminate the distractions of your office and home and come prepared to get ‘er done.

Why in person?

I’ve created this method for business owners and solopreneurs like me who have good intentions and not enough time. Remember that feeling of getting your homework done at school? We are going to revisit that joy of crossing it all off the list and completing the project together.

What platform do you use?

Walk In Websites are built using the popular Squarespace platform. I’m a big fan of Squarespace for starter sites – everything is included for a flat fee including templates, hosting, SSL certificates, and blogging. (I recommend you register your domain name separately instead of through Squarespace.) You can make updates yourself without any coding knowledge.

Really want WordPress? Ask me about custom WordPress website packages.

Can I really launch my site in 1 day?

I’ve designed the retreat to cover all the steps needed to launch a small starter site by the end of our session. A typical schedule is 9am – 2pm on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. For larger sites with more customizations, we might need more than one session. Discounted packages are available for extra time if needed.

How do I get started?

Reach out to schedule a no obligation intro call to see if a Walk In Website retreat is a good fit for your situation. We will go over the info you will need to gather to make the most of our one day session and get your project on the calendar.

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Small Sites for Big Ideas

Have a business idea but absolutely no idea where to begin?

Know you need a website but don’t know what to budget?

Procrastinating working on your web design?

We’ve all been there.

Everyone with a business – from micro to mega –  is somewhere on the “I need to work on my website” continuum.

When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything you need to do. That’s where I come in.

Laura McArtor

I’m Laura McArtor, the owner of Widow’s Peak Web Design.

I’ll demystify the web development process and be the extra set of hands you keep wishing you had. You can focus on your customers while I focus on … your customers.

With your marketing goals in mind, I will build a user-friendly website that is so much more than an online brochure. It will be an extension of your marketing team except that it’s always awake, always looking professional, and always sounding just like you.

And, guess what? The Widow’s Peak web development process is pleasant. No jargon. No buzzwords.

Because I believe any level of tech savvy can have a savvy site.

Take that first step and contact me today.

Thank you for supporting small, independent businesses. 

We are all in this together.

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